About Us


My Name is Edward Durivage. I am a woodworker and guitar player of 45 years. I am also a semi-retired car/street rod builder. I started painting guitars when I was a kid (early 70s). Guitar building started in 1980. I have worked on many neat projects and inventions over the years leading me to where I am today.

I have always enjoyed cutting edge and unique designs. I also enjoy building guitars which allow one to express themselves to their fullest. Seeing or hearing a pleased customer means everything to me. This is what drove me then and drives me now to design and build high quality, unique, sometimes very radical guitars.  After years of hobby building, in 2004 I decided to listen to many requests and start to offer what I build for sale. I work mostly alone but share my shop with one of my sons and his wife who are world renown blacksmiths and leatherworkers. Their keen eye for art and craftsmanship prove very worthy at my round table. Their continual pressure for me to build full time drove me to do so.

Over the years I had the privilege of working with and meet many inspiring individuals. I have worked along-side some of the best professional, international competition, award winning, woodworkers and car builders alike. I have toured the music side of USA over and over to learn what I can. In the mid eightys, I had the privilege of  meeting Mark Dronge, who very happily spent a day showing me around the guild guitar facility which was inspiring to say the least. I also had the pleasure of spending a day at BC Rich meeting Bernie Rico who inspired me to start my own guitar company. His unique approach and eye for 'radical' was equally inspiring. I spent a day touring Roland facility and several other great guitar gear producing companies learning many different things. Another inspiration was meeting Ken Dean on several occasions, who always inspired me to get down and radical with my electronics. For those who didn’t know Ken, he was the mad man behind Eddie Van Halen’s ‘nasty sounding’ guitar amps back in the day. Growing up and working with Andrew Desrosiers was a pleasure as well. Andrew was the originator of the Bladerunner I & II. The BR one was originally called the Crusader before Guild built them. Drew and I discussed becoming partners on several occasions but my auto body shop didn’t have the room to accommodate production electric guitars.  I helped Drew design the holes in the BR as I was adding them to my Velocity design at the same time.  Dave Okeefe from Defyant Clothing is a big help, with his vast knowledge of the music industry and business alike. He too is one of my greatest inspirations. Most importantly I can’t forget who taught me the most, my father, who always said, “if you build the best they will come”.  Francis was not only a great show winning car builder but a great inspiration of a man, both in the automotive field and sitting in his chair alike.

Owning countless guitars over the years I have become scared by what I liked from each one of them. I do not wish to compete with any of the guitar building greats because they are all far too good at what they do. I have taken all I have learned and admired, then added my own touches to come up with the American Guitar Works line. I applied several of my automotive skills to the mix allowing for me to offer some very unique and interesting pieces. I hope others enjoy these as well.


I now run a small but powerful woodworking shop which allows me to build professional grade electric guitars. My concept will be a blend of ancient technology mixed with futuristic technology.

Typically I will take orders for custom builds, working hand in hand with the buyer until the guitar is complete. I can offer advice or listen to what they seek as well. Learning is what keeps me young. To me guitars are like music, there is no such thing as “better”, only “different”. When the ‘glue is drying’, I will usually build something unique to auction in the private auction store. Auctions typically last thirty (30) days.

(NOTE: To be on the private auction list one will need to sign up for the mailing newsletter. I use the newsletter for auctions only,.. not for spamming, or any other type of dishonorable jargon. I am very discrete and adamant when it comes to my client base so emails are protected and cherished.)


The day I start a guitar until it is finished typically takes me three weeks. Sometimes less, sometimes more. This depends on several factors like what type of finish is requested or if special jigs need to be built. Either way I stay on the job until complete. Pictures will be taken daily so you can watch your guitar progress.  When the guitar is complete I will create a download for you to download all the images of the build if you wish.


Prices typically vary between $2800 (Single PU guitars w/fixed bridge) and $9800 (unique - loaded, double necks. etc.), with most guitars being priced around $3600.


To learn more about construction be sure to visit the construction page. For my feelings on tone, please visit the tone page. For all other questions or comments, please hit the contact us page!

Thanks for visiting, Ed D